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My name is Suzie Wilcox and

I am a self taught cake artist/decorator. 

 I love what I do!


Growing up in the south, there was never a shortage of large meals prepared by great cooks in my family!  With such great teachers, cooking for crowds and baking desserts came easy for me but I was definitely a late bloomer in discovering my creative side!

I always felt the tug and pull of creativity while growing up but I struggled with finding an artistic avenue that I was truly passionate about.

Well, I finally found it!



Cake design has become an art form that incorporates so many other art forms!

  Painting, Sculpting, and Sketching - just to name a few.  It is always trending and evolving into something new and exciting!  I am constantly learning new techniques which keeps me on my toes!

Cake decorating has become so diverse in style, texture and shape! 

All of which make each cake an artful centerpiece!

Every new cake idea has its challenges and I learn something new with each and every one!  I love taking something as simple as bare cake layers and transforming them into a spectacular showpiece for my clients!

  My goal as a baker is to offer my customers the best tasting cake they have ever had!

My goal as a cake artist is to provide my customers with the opportunity to express themselves through a wonderful piece of edible art!

I offer a variety of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.  I also specialize in sculpted cakes.

 I love working with every client as we decide upon the perfect flavor, style, texture and shape of their 

Sweet Canvas Cake!

Cottage Food Law


A Cottage Food Law passed in the state of Louisiana in 2013.  

Cottage Food Laws are specifically designed to provide opportunity for small businesses to get started without the responsibility of expensive licenses, codes or equipment that a commercial kitchen in a brick and mortar business is subjected to.

Basically, it is designed to give small businesses a break while generating a modest income.

The law allows small businesses such as local farmers or home bakers that are providing low risk foods to operate legally as long as certain criteria are met.

While some store front businesses may frown upon this new law that Louisiana (along with other states) has passed, it allows new business owners to reach a certain financial goal prior to investing in a store front and taking on the costs of operating an actual brick and mortar establishment.

Sweet Canvas Cakes LLC is an entity under this law.

All of its products are made from a home kitchen and cake studio.  Please rest assured that all necessary ingredients are properly stored and kept at food safe temperatures.  The utmost care is taken in maintaining cleanliness and producing food products in a safe and sanitary environment.  

Cottage Food Law operations such as Sweet Canvas Cakes LLC are not designed to undercut prices of other businesses nor are its cakes/products of lesser quality.

Custom cakes and the like are very time consuming and take much skill to produce whether from a store bakery or a home bakery.

If you would like more information or a copy of the CFO law, please do not hesitate to ask.  :)





My Home Cake Studio

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