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   Custom Cake


What do I need to know about ordering a custom cake?

Custom Cakes are not just your average cake. 

They go above and beyond the very basic steps and food items that are typically mass produced for store bought cakes.


Each custom cake is homemade and handmade with high quality ingredients and is specifically tailored to your requests. 

Custom cakes can also be very labor intensive (some taking 18 hours+ to complete) due to the complexity of a design.

Intricate details, realistic sugar work, sculpted figures and such - all require artistic skill and knowledge.

The process as a whole can include hours of dedicated attention to consultation time, designing/sketching, baking/sculpting and finally decorating.


Does this sound grueling?

Absolutely Not!

I am driven by a passion for cake and I am thrilled to see it all come together in the end!  I love what I do!

With that being said, I often get inquiries regarding cake designs that require this level of time and skill.  

I ask all potential clients to please keep in mind that pricing for custom cakes will have to reflect my investment of time and level of expertise and not a set budget.  Final pricing is based on many factors - number of servings, flavor, style and design.

However, I am always happy to suggest to my clients other design options that best suits their budget while doing my very best to fulfill their expectations. :)

All cakes are made to order.

  Cake servings are calculated upon the industry standard size of a wedding cake which is 1x2x4 and not party size portions.  If you would like to have larger cake portions for your guests, you will need to keep that into consideration when ordering.

(Please Note - guest count is of course taken into account with every order. However, due to modern cakes taking on different styles and shapes as well as the many ways a cake is cut - the amount of servings of a particular cake can only be estimated and is not a guaranteed number.  

Buttercream Cakes start at $5.50 per serving

Fondant Cakes start at $6.00 per serving 

Sculpted Cakes will yield a higher price per serving.

If you would like to receive a quote, please submit your information on the Contact Page of this website. 

If you are sending inspirational photos - I try not to replicate other decorators' cakes.  In all art, each artist should express their OWN creativity while being inspired by others in their field. :)

*****10% Military Discount is given*****


Decorated Cupcakes and Cookies are offered by the dozen only, cupcakes are larger than standard size.

Starting price for Custom Cookies and Cupcakes is $4.50

Cookies are covered in buttercream and have a marshmallow fondant overlay.

Cookies can be packaged individually in a cellophane bag and tied with satin ribbon. 

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